02/09/19 8:00pm

A Meeting of the Minds

Clarence Tilton with Janglepop

Reverb Lounge, Lincoln

02/28/19 6:00pm

Clarence Tilton

The Zoo Bar, Lincoln


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The Band

Clarence Tilton formed in 2014, consolidated from the debris of an elemental collision of whiskey and old-fashioned gear. Based in Omaha, Nebraska, CT continues to craft songs and sentiment that push boundaries while paying suitable homage to the greats. Country- rock- blues- folk-- the label that settles out is usually Americana. The group toggles between pedal steel dripping ballads, feverishly picked telecaster driven ditties, and surprisingly loud riff-anchored stomps. A night with CT includes a shit ton of guitars, four uniquely contributing vocalists, and a rhythm section that is equal parts dance and churn. Their second release is a six song EP recorded much like their first in Wisner, NE. Five of these songs are also available on a split 12 inch vinyl with good friends the Monday Mourners from Des Moines, IA. Work continues on a full length record, tentatively scheduled for a late 2018 release.